Cross-dressing, Floats, and Possible Alcohol Poisoning

So what celebration allows usually homophobic men to get trashed while strutting around the streets of a town in short skirts and dresses? Give up? It's the Convite! (-Insert sarcastic hoot of joy here-)

Okay, I'll begrudgingly admit that it is a little more than that. 
At the essence of the holiday, a town celebrates their  Patron Saint with a town-wide parade, a dance, and lots of other activities.

Sara and I decided to watch the main event, the town parade, from my roof with a wide-array of snacks and mugs filled to the brim with tea. And while we were the only ones who chose to watch from above, I have to say, we had the best seats in the house.

Here we begin with men making fun of the same ol' Mother in Law/Suegra trope (really, again?)

Apparently we were also a part of that Antonio Banderas movie, 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'

The Cast of Harry Potter showed up with pretty cute costumes!

And finally the Homoeroticism/Bro-Love was out of control, but it's okay... they were drunk so it doesn't count (sarcasm).
So it wasn't too bad. Although I was biting my tongue the whole time during the drunk homoeroticism, I did have fun watching the dances, floats, and costumes. Well done. Just next year, can we stop with the mockery towards women (including, and I joke you not, Rigoberta Menchu). Thanks.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!! and Many Mooorrreee WE MISS YOU! especialmente en tu dia, te queremos mucho baby!!
    Mom 2/21/11